We can finally supply caps with fixed key alike code 455, a unique key to open all the components with keyed alike locking system in your generator (cap, pushbutton actuator with key, handle with key, selector switch activator key).

Key Alike code 455

Our keys with code 455 are perfectly interchangeable with the other ones with same code on the market.

Keys Alike code 455

We invite you to view our updated products’ catalog, in which you will find an increase of variants and a revision in terms of materials of some items, as well as the following new technical sheets of the components with key 455 that we can supply:
– Key Alike 455
D.76 Cap with key 455
R Cap with key 455
Niches 60 series with cap with key 455 (sets CO.0147, CO.0148, CO.0149,CO.0150)

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