Other Components

Key Alike 455


Key Alike 455
Spare key alike 455 to open all the components with keyed alike locking system in a generator.

Our code 455 keys are perfectly interchangeable with […]



Spare keys
Spare keys with fixed or variable code, compatible with our 240, AIR, TED, D.76, D.40, R, GR, D.96 NTC, M80X2, M60X2 tank caps.

We can supply this product only […]

Fixing Plates


Fixing plates
Steel or galvanised steel fixing plates (namely fixing masks) to be welded or screwed directly on tanks of industrial vehicles or canopies of generating sets.

The […]

Inspection cap


Inspection tank cap
Male plastic threaded inspection tank cap for various diameters holes fastening with sealing gasket.

This product can be supplied with safety chain.

The inspection tank cap is […]