M80X2 threaded mechanical gauge cap

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M80X2 threaded mechanical gauge cap

M80X2 threaded mechanical gauge cap, female, in aluminium, plastic, steel, stainless steel and brass, with different types of sealing gasket in relation to the fluid in the tank.

It is available hermetic or ventilated, in different and customizable lengths (minimum length 90 mm, maximum recommended length 650 mm).

We can supply versions with customized dials, your company logo or writings (“Oil”, “Diesel”, “Fuel”, “Gas”) and others on request.

It’s available the new dial with 4 colors (green for full tank, red for reserve and black for intermediate levels, on white background) for a better visualization.

This mechanical level switch can be used with different inclinations up to the maximum recommended angle to the vertical of 20°.

This product can be combined with our M80X2 threaded filling systems.

M80X2 threaded mechanical gauge cap is used for several applications, on tanks of different industrial fields, such as generating sets, light towers, earth moving machines, excavators, motorpumps, and so on.

By carefully selecting raw materials and adopting innovative production processes, we always guarantee the quality and reliability of our product.

We make different resistance and durability tests on our mechanical gauges (i.e. termal shock, pressure test, loss of retention, vent control, aggressive fluids or salt spray fogs compatibility, and so on).

We perform several strength and durability tests and test for product quality control during the various processing phases. On request we can issue the relevant certificates in compliance with national and international regulations.

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